If putting up your relationship status on Facebook is a bit much for you, then how about making a marriage proposal via Google Street View? This must be the most unusual thing I’ve seen on the website entitled Google Sightseeing (an amusing site for wasting time online) that lists oddities found browsing Google Maps.

Essentially a guy named Michael Weiss-Malik who works for Google decided he would be the first person ever to make a marriage proposal via Google Street View and has setup a website dedicated to his very public pursuit of his target, a lady called Leslie. You can even vote on a poll on whether she should marry him or not and it’s all, of course, hosted on Blogger (owned by Google).

It all sounds even more over the top than the case of Patrick Moberg, who actually found the girl but there’s no details of what happened next.

In some way Web 2.0 entails playing out your life in public, but this much? I think not.

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