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I have been doing a lot of heavy programming work recently but stumbled across Agenturblog and suddenly started thinking a bit more creatively. My own blog is – after all – quite dour, and is far from being the most pleasant website I have ever created. I then let my mind and mouse wander and came across some more cool designs for blogs and related sorts of websites, a selection of which is shown in the graphic here. Starting from the top left and working clockwise, the images are: 2 Minds Design, Kuhrt, Delicious Days, Karen Cheng, PR Blogger and Agenturblog. With that inspiration, and plenty of additional ideas from the CSS Zen Garden, a new version of the Euroblog should be here very soon.


  1. For some more inspiration:


  2. Hi Jon,

    Well it’s then time to spend a nice evening working on your own design and de-stress:) Check here as well I’ll be doing the same with mine tonight…


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