Stand Up Speak Up Henry Ad

As anyone who reads this blog often will know, I don’t make a habit of writing about sport. But today I’ll make an exception. For it was with considerable sadness that I read today that it has been confirmed that Thierry Henry has left Arsenal for Barcelona. Not only has Henry been a genius on the pitch, but he has also been an interesting and conscientious person off it, respectful of his background in the Paris suburbs (more from Wikipedia) and for sure providing inspiration to plenty of kids in the UK too. OK, professor Arsène Wenger will stay, as will the multi-national approach at Arsenal. But the talisman has departed, and somehow London and the Premiership are just that little bit less European as the Frenchman that made it good in London leaves for Catalonia. Let us hope for a return in a media job on Match of the Day in the future.

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