Spaghetti junctionThe last few weeks have not really been a high point for the blog – basically silence! It’s not that I’ve stopped thinking or reflecting. It’s more that I have not found enough time to sit down and put a few thoughts together. I’m still in London for the moment, but furniture moving starts on Saturday. Helena is working hard fixing up the flat in Brussels. While in London I’m sorting out all the loose ends in my current job (last day is effectively Tuesday 9th October) and also madly preparing the ground for the freelance website work this autumn, and a fair bit of freelance professional training too. Oh and there’s the small matter of a general election that might be called, essentially meaning I’ll probably be straight back in the UK more or less as soon as I have departed! Just to cap it all I’m suffering from a cold too. Confusion reigns.


  1. Emmanuel Vallens

    bon déménagement, et bonne chance pour ta nouvelle vie. J’espère à très bientôt à Bruxelles!

    Tu continues à donner des cours au Civil Service College, d’après ce que j’ai compris?

  2. Ou, tout à fait. Je vais donner des cours encore mais comme consultant – donc mois de securité mais beaucoup plus d’argent et de flexibilité!

    À bientôt à Bruxelles!

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