Dog bitingSeemingly there’s no limit to the efforts to which ‘Lib Dems are always the nice guys‘ Andy Mayer will go to draw attention to Miranda Grell’s appeal over her conviction for electoral offences – he’s listed his own blog using Google Adwords when someone searches for Miranda in Google. Quite what is his problem? He’s a councillorcampaigner in Southwark for the Lib Dems. She’s a councillor in Waltham Forest for Labour. As far as I’m aware they have never met. Other bloggers have commented on the case – both negatively and positively – but this is really a bit weird. Is he so determined in his own efforts to get his views across that he’s willing to pay to do so? Seems very strange to me. I wonder who is paying his Google Ad bills? For the others side of the argument, the campaign to help Miranda to clear her name – Justice For Leyton Ward – is now up and running.


  1. Waltham Forest LBC, Leyton
    Thursday 14th February 2008.

    LD 1360 (56.0; +12.8),
    Lab 695 (28.6; -14.1),
    Ind 176 (7.2; +7.2),
    Con 108 (4.4; -2.1),
    Green 90 (3.7; -3.9).

    Majority 665.
    LD gain from Lab.
    Last fought 2006.

    Justice indeed.

  2. Yvette Doll

    This blog clearly avoids the ubiquitous censorship that the Liberal Democrat bloggers apply to their own efforts.

  3. “Did Miranda say to 4 people that Barry Smith was a paedophile sleeping with 14 year old boys? No, and I am sure the appeal will show that.”

    Have I missed your comment on the result of the appeal? I see Ms Grell is still in your links.

  4. Hmm, might be an oppo here. Maybe you should add a google adsense block to your posts on Miranda – A few clicks a day could cash in Andy’s pennies for the JfLW campaign appeal 😉

  5. A Southeark Liberal complaining about sexual smears ? How fickle (or selective) are memories.

    “Vote Hughes – The Straight Candidate”

  6. I do not endorse gay hate tactics. Neither do I turn a blind eye to those things.

    1. Did Miranda say to 4 people that Barry Smith was a paedophile sleeping with 14 year old boys? No, and I am sure the appeal will show that.

    2. Is there some wider campaign of hatred, homophobic or otherwise – also no. There was one comment to someone that she knew – to that she has admitted.

    Further, it’s quite laughable that you’re quoting LabourHome on this – perhaps some Lib Dems think more highly of it than Labour people do? Or it might be that it’s someone from within Labour ranks backing your side of the argument. What is written there should be held in no higher regard that what you or I write on our own blogs.

    If Miranda is found guilty on appeal, then that’s the end. If she’s found not guilty, then some serious questions have to be asked of Barry Smith and the Leyton Lib Dems.

  7. Jon,

    I do find your position on this matter a little sad. While I respect your decision to be loyal to a friend, I feel that loyalty, in this instance, is misplaced. I feel you’ve turned an unworthy blind eye to the use of gay-hate tactics in a campaign. Something I know you do not endorse.

    A few other points.

    – A smear is something that is both untrue and harmful to someone’s reputation. if you believe there is any element of my reports on Grell that is in error in that regard I will be happy to correct. If not your headline is itself a smear. A correction would be welcome.

    – I’m not a Southwark Councillor

    – my ‘problem’ is I feel politicians who use prejudice as a campaign tactic should be held to account, legally and in the court of public opinion. A view also expressed in a Labour Home write up of this matter. I also regularly deplore the use of race-hate tactics by some Labour campaigners in Southwark.

    – Google Adwords is a useful way to hold someone to account online, and cheap enough, in most instances, to be accessible to most people. I believe the Grell ad currently costs a penny a click.

    – I pay my own bills



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