Leipzig StadiumExcellent news: the Labour Party has just released 2 new blogs. Bad news: these are about football! Yes, I’m quite serious. Alistair Campbell and Sadiq Khan MP will write blog entries about the World Cup – click here for the website. OK, it’s fun. But does Labour not have any policies it dares discuss at the moment? Further, you do wonder when Labour is going to get serious about blogging – David Miliband’s efforts on the Defra site are the only small oasis in the desert – officially at least. The Labour website has a blogs page but it’s quite useless – it has 2 bloggers who were standing in local council elections, while Bloggers4Labour (the unoffical site!) lists 26!


  1. well, perhaps the World Cup is a good opportunity to try to attract new readers, previously not so much interested in politics.

    On Le Taurillon we have started with this article(http://www.taurillon.org/article.php3?id_article=803) a series about the world cup, which, surprise surprise, is one of the most popular articles of the last days…

    But clearly, considerintg its length, it is not exactly a blog post…

  2. fiddling whilst rome burns and the Tories are on the march

    Who the hell is running Labour HQ???!

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