Brighton Beach

I’m spending 36 hours in Brighton at a conference, hence why no profound analysis of EU politics has been posted here today! 🙂 In short, it’s annoying to be away from home, from Helena, and staying in a grim hotel that smells of cigarettes and cooked breakfasts. But on the other hand it has been one of those majestic days at the British coast with the autumn gales sending the waves pounding against the coast, and the smell of salt in the air. It would be so good to live at the seafront, but I don’t suppose that will ever be possible. There are not too many centres of EU politics based in seaside towns!


  1. that’s why Barcelona should become the next center of EU politics… I am sure that much more people would love the EU then 🙂

  2. Uhm… Brighton can be a bit of a dump indeed. I should know. I went to Sussex Uni for a year.

    So you missed Timothy Garton Ash’s lecture on Europe and Freedom? It was a stimulating event.

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