Today on BBC News there’s an article about how the Environment Agency has issued new guidance about how low-energy lightbulbs should be disposed of. OK, fair enough, these bulbs need some care. But how the hell do you actually get rid of them in the UK? I posted about this problem back in April 2007 when it was impossible to recycle these bulbs in Southwark. As a business you can (perhaps) get rid of the bulbs, but it still remains impossible as a normal citizen. All levels of government badly need to give a joined-up response to issues like this: tax incentives nationally to get people to purchase environmentally friendly goods, sensible guidance about safety and disposal, and simple to use services from local government for waste collection.

All of this made me think about what I should do in Brussels where I’m currently resident… Sadly it’s no better. I cannot find any details on the Bruxelles Propreté website.

[UPDATE – 8.1.2008]
Seems I spoke too soon – about London at least! The London Assembly and B&Q are organising a Lightbulb Amnesty 11-13 January where you can exchange old bulbs for free energy saving ones. (Hat tip: Andrew K Brown)

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  1. rose22

    sorry, but got to be done…
    how many civil servants does it take to change a lightbulb?
    the Minister CHANGES the lightbulb, the civil servants merely advise on the options…

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