Dead Parrot“The constitutional treaty is no more – it is a diseased dead parrot.” So said Home Secretary John Reid after the 4th December JHA Council in Brussels (article from EUObserver). Now, I’m not the greatest fan on John Reid – I think his views on law and order are repulsive, and he’s inclined to be eurosceptic too. He doesn’t give a damn about the Constitution and just wants the UK to keep its veto on 3rd Pillar issues – the Constitution is a convenient excuse. But the debate about the Constitution undoubtedly is Python-esque, and John Reid does at least have some wit. So have a read of this entry from January 2006, and substitute John Reid for Ben Bot in the sketch.


  1. At least we now know that the famous Plan B is a slug.

    Ok, i understand pinned now (googled it) : excellent.

  2. ‘pining’ means longing for something. So the Norwegian Blue is longing to return to the fjords.

  3. what in the name of Spinelli does “pining for the fjords” mean please ?

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