Lega NordFirst impressions are sometimes quite revealing. I saw the headline a few moments ago on BBC News Online Italy foils election terror plot. My first thought: what is Berlusconi’s government trying to do now to blur the facts? The BBC article that you can read here takes the threat reasonably seriously, but the Interior Minister – Giuseppe Pisanu – is from Lega Nord, never known for being especially respectful of ethnic minorities. Now, I know it is wrong to not take a terror threat seriously, but the centre-right coalition’s approach in the current election campaign has been so far from the truth that you begin to wonder what you can and cannot believe of what they say! If Berlusconi is OK with just ignoring the statistics that Italy’s economy has not been growing, how much worse is it to bend the truth a bit about a terror threat? Forza l’Ulivo!


  1. Daniela

    Dear I meant the Maltese Chris Dems not the Italian ones :). The Maltese ones are actually pretty decent, especially since the Malta Labour Party is far more right than them 😛

  2. I look forward to them. BTW I have taken my more turgid euro posts to a separate venue away from the main BondBloke blog: http://bloggingabouteulawandpolitics.blogspot.com/. Be glad if you could visit. So far I have only blogged on the AG’s opinion in the Spain v UK (Gibraltar) case…

  3. Dani! No!!! You could not possibly support Buttiglione!?! Further, they are in coalition with Forza Italia and Lega Nord! Prodi is (sadly in my view!) a devout Catholic actually.

    As for Bondwoman’s point: I am listening to the Europe Minister on 9th and 11th May (what joy!) and impressions of his speeches will appear here.

  4. Daniela

    I admit that if I were Italian I would definitely be voting for the Ulivo, though back home my vote goes towards the Christian Dems…Berlusconi actually had the audacity to call all the people who think of voting Ulivo as “coglioni” (need I translate ;)?). This is just the latest of a series of political gaffes that make me wonder if dear Silvio actually wants to lose these upcoming elections …

  5. You’d be right to be sceptical, Jon! Looks like an election ploy to this untutored eye. BTW since I believe you are going to be there, I hope you are going to be blogging your impressions of the Minister for Europe’s speech on 12 May, since I believe he has now confirmed. BW from BW

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