MaryamI think there is some common theme emerging on this blog… The more I get concerned about issues in the UK, the more I look elsewhere, and especially to Sweden, for optimism! The good news from yesterday is that Maryam Yazdanfar (pictured) was selected at position number 10 on the list for Stockholms l√?n for the general election in September 2006, meaning she is almost certain to become a member of the Riksdagen. Her blog is linked under ‘Friends’ Blogs’ to the right, and you can try this link for a very rough machine translation into English. So with this, and better opinion polls for the SAP, it’s been a week of good news!

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  1. Dear Jon

    I was surrprised and felt proud that an iranian girl this young has succeeded to become a member of Riksagan.

    I have a new idea about forming the structure of power for sustainable politics, before the ice caps meltdown. She may become interested if I had a chance to present my ideas to her.

    I would appreciate your kindness if you could help me.

    best regards

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