PES LogoAs part of the Yourspace online consultation prior to the European Parliament elections the PES invites social democrat bloggers to write on their site for a week – following Eric last week, it’s my turn this week. I’ve posted already about online campaigning for 2009 and common branding for European Parliament elections. More will follow about more idological subjects over the next few days. It’s a real achievement that the PES is inviting activists to write on its website – a determined effort to network committed European social democrats together. So far none of the other European political parties has been willing to be this forward-looking.

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  1. Jon, congratulations, first of all.

    Some time ago I looked at the main European level parties (in Finnish and Swedish, if I remember correctly), and I found that the PES was the only one which could be described as interactive.

    The competition should shift to web mode, too.

    On the other hand, the national parties in Finland were a completely different story. The Conservatives were active, whereas you had to be almost an archeologist to find that the Social Democrats were part of a European movement.

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