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I’ve been added as a ‘friend’ in Facebook by Peter Hain. But while Hain might be an interesting person to have as a real friend (you could ask him why he was a young liberal and ended up joining Labour… or why he thinks it’s OK to be a turncoat about the Iraq war), in Facebook this is just an effort to get supporters for his Deputy Leadership bid. Whoever it is working for Hain clearly did not see I’m an administrator for the ‘Harman For Deputy!’ Group. There’s no way I’m switching my support away from Harriet – I am her webmanager too!

Rival candidate for Deputy, Jon Cruddas, has taken a different tactic towards me today: he’s managed to get my e-mail address from somewhere, so I’ve now got an e-mail from him. No, Jon, I don’t really want your spam thank you. At least he’s not trying to be my friend.


  1. Hi Tomas, as I think Gavin has already explained on this website Compass has allowed Jon Cruddas to use our email list after Compass members formally voted that the organisation back Jon Cruddas as the Labour Party’s next Deputy Leader. You can unsubscribe yourself from Jon Cruddas’ emails at any time if you do not wish to continue receiving them.

  2. Got an email from Jon Cruddas too; I think Compass may have their hands in that…

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