Iain DaleIt has been somewhat surprising to discover this morning that my blog has been ranked number 10 in Iain Dale’s Top 100 Labour Blogs – see his blog here. His guide to political blogging will be distributed at this autumn’s party conferences – could be quite useful! But why me? I’m a bit surprised that analysis of EU politics from a centre-left perspective should attract such attention. Antonia makes it in at Number 5, but Environment Minister David Miliband is down at Number 87!


  1. Jon, you deserve it. If only, senior ministers in our party took the interest in the EU that you do 🙂

  2. Yes, indeed… 🙂

    It’s very nice to be listed there, even if I have no idea quite how my blog is so high up. Most of the stuff I write is only tangentially linked to Labour!

  3. A great poll – I think we can all agree. 🙂

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