Bakerloo Line TrainI’ve come to the conclusion that life in the big city – London – is really not for me. I’m currently splitting my time between London and Brussels, doing my website work in Belgium yet coming to the UK to visit clients and run training courses.

I’ve not felt so content and relaxed for ages as I have in Brussels for the last couple of weeks. The place is laid back, the prices are not exorbitant, it’s easy to walk places, and the public transport is good. Plus I have an excellent flat to live in. Compare that to the Central Line at rush hour, the means of transport I’m using while back in London, and there’s no comparison. However excellent the cultural opportunites are in London, there’s no escape from the fact that everyday life is a grind in comparison to most European capitals.

Forget the bright lights of London – I’ll most probably always feel happier in smaller cities.


  1. john somer

    Comment from a New Hampshire lady upon learning that I was living in New York: “Why live in New York if you don’t have to ?”

  2. Venice? Venice means caos…may be Venice is more caothic of Naples!

    Pisa is a small city where I would like to live.

    Stockhokm…I love this City.
    Metropolitan Area of Naples has the same number of inhabitants of Stck but things are so differente!
    I’m Studying politics and I hope my future is in Stockholm (in No Profit it’s my dream).

    I found your blog searching for Sweden information (just a little referer :p).

    See you

  3. Hmmm.

    Cardiff and Swansea are a bit too small. And Justin, should I take hints from someone from Cheltenham!?

    Venice – not really a place to live as web designer I think. More of a place to appreciate the history.

    Stockholm – I’ve visited it a lot, and I like it (I’m actually sat in Stockholm as I write this), so I could live here in future.

    As for the comment from rose22 – I’m afraid I have never been to New York, so cannot judge. The largest place I’ve lived in and appreciated was Berlin – 3.5 million people, so dwarfed by New York.

    For some interesting quality of life ideas see Monocle.

  4. rose22

    I agree – but having been here now nearly as long as my last stint in Brussels I’m not convinced that’s a small city thing so much as a London thing. Would New York feel as big city as London do you think?

  5. Giacomo

    Have ever tried Venice? The last city for humans :_)

  6. Justin

    Small cities… Cardiff? Swansea? You can take the boy out of Wales….

  7. What do you think about Stockholm?

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