Richard CorbettJust a short note to highlight this post made a couple of days ago by Labour MEP Richard Corbett. Richard is the best of the UK Labour MEPs in my opinion, he was once President of JEF, is also giving LME a kick-start, and is a very pleasant chap. But he’s also a party loyalist through and through when it comes to anything in public he’ll defend Blair’s position towards the EU until the last, as shown by the final paragraph of his post.

No, Richard. Telling yourself that Blair has made some speeches on the EU and that this has been adequate is just not good enough. The government has been horribly cowardly in face of the eurosceptic press, and Blair has made scant effort to convince the rest of his cabinet colleagues about the importance of the EU. Blair is the best of a bad bunch when it comes to explaining the EU, but just repeating what he has done does not equate to his record being a good one.

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