Internet Explorer & Firefox LogosI’ve spent a lazy weekend in London, mostly doing website work… Only this weekend has been website work with a difference! Instead of never-ending PHP and MySQL wrangles with Typo3, I have been working with WordPress to design a blog site. WordPress is so fast and so simple, and it means I have been able to concentrate 90% on the design of the site and 10% on the programming. The site I’ve been working on will be online shortly…

However, the weekend has made me reflect how much web design has moved on in the last couple of years, and how the browsers we use have evolved. I’ve been testing the new site I’m making on Internet Explorer for the Mac, software that Microsoft is actually no longer supports. More on that from Wikipedia here. How clunky and slow Internet Explorer is now! When it was first released I remember it being the best, the fastest! Now an enlightened user of Firefox, how did I ever manage without Live Bookmarks, tabbed browsing, standards compliant page rendering and the rest? OK, Internet Explorer on a PC is a bit better at these things than the Mac version, but Firefox wins in all cases hands down. So get on and download it and you can enjoy the sites I design even more… 🙂

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