HewittNow the Daily Telegraph in its gruesome eurosceptic tone is speculating about Patricia Hewitt as Britain’s next nominee to be a European Commissioner. Now I reckon I got there first with this one – I posted about it first on 29th November 2007. Not bad, eh? Devil’s Kitchen commented on it at the time as well

Well, what’s moved on since then? Apparently Peter Mandelson is now saying he’s not ruling out a second term as British Commissioner. But would any future Commission President want him, and in what portfolio? 3 Line Whip has more on this, but gets its facts wrong – Brown could not have sacked Mandelson as Trade Commissioner even if he had wanted to, as this can’t be done under the EU Treaties. If they can’t get their facts straight should we believe their speculation? Sky News has a much better piece.

Either way, or with any of the other names I threw in the hat back in November, the situation is not exactly fantastic. I wonder how this sits with the New EU Strategy for Labour that Gulf Stream Blues has been speculating about… But for now I don’t know who I would actually want as the UK nominee!

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