Sunday AM ScreenshotAndrew Marr’s Sunday AM programme on BBC1 this morning had a feature on political blogging, and the 20 seconds or so about a Labour blogger was none other than Harriet Harman. The header of her blog that I designed managed to get a quick view on national television. Quite cool! Unfortunately the panel that followed about blogging was with Iain Dale and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Dale is completely full of himself, although he does well understand political blogging. Alibhai-Brown on the other hand just seemed to want to have a rant about the whole thing.

Overall it was a goos showcase of Harriet’s blog, and interesting that these matters are discussed on national TV. Let’s just hope for some more insightful analysis next time!


  1. Wow, that was a very swift reply… 🙂

    It wasn’t too hard for you to out-shine Yasmin on the panel, but you are a bit smug with it.

    Harriet did come across very well in the short piece. You’re welcome to send her an invitation to appear on Blogger TV – e-mail is campaign(at) I would personally be happy to appear on it too.

  2. Well, full of myself or not, I actually thought Ms H came across very well on the film and showed an understanding I thought she wouldn’t have. Perhaps I should have her on my Blogger Tv programme!

    In fact, let’s go one better and have you on too. What do you say?

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