Google SignThanks to a new plugin – Slimstat – I’ve installed for my blog, I now have a whole wealth of data on how visitors are managing to find my blog. Some of the findings are really bizarre, but quite cool in an odd way. If you search for ‘life jackets location in airbus 319‘ in Google Canada, you get my blog as the Number 1 search result. Typing ‘europeans prat belgium‘ in gives my post on Josep Borrell. A personal favourite still remains being number 1 in Google for ‘concours farce‘.

Then if you type far more general things like ‘life vest plane‘ or ‘verheugen commissioner‘ my blog ends up in the first page of entries. Further, with daily individual visitors now regularly over 300, it seems that more than a year of blogging about EU politics is starting to bear dividends.


  1. Emmanuel Vallens

    hmm… Out of whom one is… me! The English version still has some work ahead to be better known and referenced.

    By the way, Le Taurillon has just passed the threshold of 100,000 readers in less than a year (

  2. Emmanuel Vallens

    Any visitors from Taurillon?

  3. Yes, some… On average about 3 of the 300 or so visitors a day are referred by Taurillon.

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