Dave the ChameleonIn the best tradition of UK election campaigns, Labour has come up with Dave the Chameleon, an amusing campaign that aims to show that Tory leader David Cameron says he’s conservative but changes his colours to suit. When you see it first it looks quite fun, but then if you look behind it you begin to wonder… Firstly the message is complex – are we saying he is a Tory or not a Tory, and will the general public understand it? Secondly, the campaign is pleasant – is that the way to target Cameron who – it cannnot be denied – has a pleasant persona? Third, the chameleon is riding a bike and Labour’s own record on environmental issues is not great!

So while we might smile a bit about it, I doubt this will make much difference overall, as this column from Mark Lawson in The Guardian argues.


  1. Hi Jon,

    This is Edward from Afoe and Demography Matters. I sent you a mail a bit back, but you must have missed it. Can you mail me, there are a couple of ideas I want to put to you.


  2. Hi Eric,

    I moved the comment to this post – hope that’s OK… 🙂

    In short: it’s fun, the message is actually a true one, but will it have any impact? I doubt it.

  3. Jon, a totally different question: what do you think of the Dave the Chameleon-campaign? I just learnt (and wrote a blog) about it, but I must say I found it quite intelligent. Your thoughts?

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