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I launched a new website at the end of last week – for the Global Policy Institute of London Metropolitan University. The site is a little thin on content at the moment, but we have plenty more in the pipeline. I’ve been working on it with Henning Meyer at the Institute – he’s as mad about European politics as I am, so he’s fun to work with. I’ve been giving him a hand with the Social Europe Journal website too – their new edition is due very shortly, so check that out too.

Beyond that, technology has been really annoying once again. No sooner had I moved this blog to a new server but the site was then offline for more than 2 days. Turned out that an onslaught of WP-Trackback spam had managed to crash the server. Joy. So after some negotiations with the pleasant guys at, some quick transfers of services to another server, and the decision to completely disable WordPress trackbacks, we are now back up and running again. Fingers crossed there won’t be any more problems any time soon!

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