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It was suggested to me by a friend in Berlin that I should join a site called to put together an online family tree. Not much good as that’s all for people in Germany. But the English language equivalent – – is now just taking off. The technology is really cool, and as my parents have started to using it, the Worth / Friend tree is starting to develop quite well. Have a browse and contribute!


  1. Rita Buckrell

    HI Roy,

    Long time since I heard from you. Just happened to type my name in to find out what has happened to me lately !!!!!!!!
    Pleased to hear from you. Rita

  2. What is the point with using a genealogy site that only let you see up to your third cousins? Geni uses “everyone’s related” in their logo, however they will not let you know how, so it’s pretty misleading. .

    Geni is the worst offender of all the Genealogy sites when it comes to security, they have so many security bugs that easily allows unauthorised access to private data.

    If you register your relatives email, you can expect Geni to target these registered emails with excessive spam. You relatives will not thank you for adding them to Geni, but curse you for the 3 mails-a-day from Geni.

    Geni has aggressively pushed features such as “virtual gifts” in order to cash in on users. You can expect them to exploit any opportunity to cash in on any of your relatives no matter age in the near future.

    Geni is a hungry moneytrap for your family and I would definitely not recommend anyone using it. Just read their user forum and see how much criticism they get.

    They should change their logo to “Geni – everyone’s retarded” since that is how they treat their userbase,

  3. I don’t know Rita personally – she just left a comment… When she did so she left an e-mail address, and I have e-mailed her asking her to contact you, if she is indeed the same Rita. Hope that’s OK!

  4. Roy Grant

    Sorry to do this but have been trying to contact one of your contacts, Rita Buckrell from Brighton now Canada, but it looks as though her server sees accompanying Hungarian text as Spam and rejectcts me.
    Could you ask her to contact Roy Grant from Brighton now Budapest at the e-mail address given.

  5. Sounds like a huge task to me – I’m not sure there would be any way to automate what you would need to do. You don’t have a willing member of your family who would be willing to enter things for you?

    I’m no specialist about personally – have a look at their Help Pages for more.

    Good luck!

  6. Rita Buckrell

    Great idea. I have a whole history written on our family and would like to post it on the web site. How do I do this? I did it on Writing Assistant in 1986 on the big floppy disks whic can no longer be used on my computer.
    I have scanned in the pages to my present computer where do I go from here – about 100 pages of family history pictures etc.
    Will be watching for help ! Thanks Rita

  7. Thanks for the mention of our site. Nice to hear that the Worth Tree is growing with your family and friends contributions.

    BTW: Nice blog design.

    FYI: Geni launched in January 2007 months prior to the launch

    I’ve given you our contact email address so please feel free to contact me anytime

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