ShelterI’ve been living a sheltered and abnormal life in London. In my everyday work almost all my colleagues are thoughtful and reflective, and the working environment generally supportive. I spend plenty of my free time with people for whom gender and equality issues are extremely important, and I’ve spent more time in Sweden in the last 2 years than in any country other than the UK. I get my news from the internet, using mainstream but serious news channels such as the BBC, hence avoiding advertising and overt gender stereotypes.

Yet here this week in Berlin at Young Königswinter something is not right. Despite this being a conference for young people, very traditional gender roles have been clear to see. The men are the ones doing the talking (I’m guilty of that too…), the panels are dominated by men, and above all in social situations a certain masculine dominance is pervasive. Maybe the reasons why Germany and the UK have some of the largest gender pay gaps in Europe should be on the agenda at next year’s conference.


  1. rose22

    thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m all in favour of breaking down the gender stereotype barriers especially in the work environment and try my best to do so.
    I think that it really should be happening somewhere like Young konigswinter is women are going to have the energy to do so before facing the addiitonal barriers of childcare and part time working.

  2. Giacomo

    we have the same problem in Italy too…
    Maybe this article can be interesting for you to read

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