Désirs d’avenirPlenty of politicians in Europe are waking up to the power of the internet one way or another. Ségolène Royal has led the way, putting the website Désirs d’Avenir at the centre of her campaign. Margot Wallström has been blogging for some time. The SPD tried out its Rote Blogs.

The UK is getting in on the act. We have the somewhat naff, but challenging, Webcameron, and even Ming Campbell has a website/blog (of sorts). And then there’s Labour. All of the deputy leadership candidates have websites (with Harriet leading the way). Then there’s the person plenty want to stand to be leader who has his own blog.

Last – and very much least – there’s Gordon. He doesn’t even have a website to inform his constituents of what he’s doing for them. So while I’m sure that it’s a matter of substance over style with Brown, what should we make of a top level politician who seems to have disregarded the use of the web so far? Is he going to make any effort to interact with Labour Party members before his coronation (sorry, election) or is that deemed unnecessary?

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