Dear Angela Merkel, François Hollande, Matteo Renzi and Mariano Rajoy, dear Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Alex Stubb and Wolfgang Schäuble, dear Jean Claude Juncker, Martin Schulz and Donald Tusk,

You might not sleep much tonight if the summit drags on. But sometime you will go to bed, wake up in the morning, and look at yourself in the bathroom mirror. Just you, with your lined face staring back. No Mr Tsipras or Mr Varoufakis across the table behind whom you can shelter, being able to blame the feckless Greeks as cover for your actions.

Will you, as an individual, be able to say that you – as one of the key decision makers in the EU’s hours of need – did all you could do to save the Eurozone? Everything you could to save the very essence of the EU it could be argued; for if the weakest Eurozone member can be spat out, who is next?

Did you, as an individual, do your utmost to save this 60 year old project to protect peace in Europe? Do you look back on the legacy of Monnet, Schuman, Kohl and Delors, and that still means just something to you, somewhere inside?

Now you might have been in politics so long that you are numb to everyday events. But if there is any ounce of ethics in you, you know this is going to nag at you forever, personally, if you kick Greece out. And politically letting Greece fall leaves the Greece and the EU in a very dangerous spot indeed. Think of how the Kremlin will be feeling.

We – Europe’s people – are not privy to your discussions that happen behind closed doors, and there is nothing we can do. But think of that mirror tomorrow morning. Are you sure you can look at yourself in it?

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    nicely written.
    thank you

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