eu domain flagIt’s always good to be a pioneer, especially if it’s something to do with both politics and technology. So on Friday 7th April I rushed to register the domain, and by Sunday 9th April everything was up and running – domain name directing to blog and website, POP3 mailboxes, webmail, the whole lot. I know plenty of EU politics geeks but none that have managed all of that yet! 🙂

But there’s a problem, and it’s a problem that I cannot start to fix myself. Any e-mails I send from a e-mail address end up in recipients’ spam folders! I think it’s because .eu is not listed in spam check systems as being reputable, or indeed might not be listed at all. So for the automated spam checks it’s as if I am a spammer living in some unknown place, hence the e-mails end up in a spam folder.


  1. Thanks for the comments… Sorry it took a while to approve them – have been away over Easter!

    VXL – for Taurillon, are you going to have a blog syndication section like you do for the French version? If so, you are welcome to syndicate the European Politics category of this blog.

    Steph – I’ve tried to diversify with the website hosting now… This blog is on a 1&1 Root Server, and I am also using uRevised and B-One, and domains are registered with Easyspace or United Domains. That way if I get problems with one of the firms, I don’t have *all* the people I know ranting at me! 🙂

  2. When I saw the innovativ domain redirect to I thought – ‘of course!’

    Hope all is well – great site.

    P.S. Incidentally, I’ve just spent a couple of weeks faffing about with my own hosting, moving all my various domains to Dreamhost which seems – touch wood – to offer a fantastic service.

  3. Hi Jon,

    Congrats for this achievement ! was taken by a dutch company alreay and my full name is too long 🙁 he .fr will be fine then.

    btw we started to publish articles in English on I am working on a multilingual interface but it will take time. however you are welcome to publish articles with us if you wish.


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