FootprintsEveryone has assumed that’s it: the Heads of State have agreed the Financial Perspectives at the summit at the end of last week. But Monday comes and the European Parliament is signalling its wish to push for better. MEPs – especially those from the Green/EFA and GUE/NGL groups – have rightly pointed out that the compromise agreed is even more minimal than the one the Luxembourg Presidency tabled 6 months ago. Read a good summary of the opinions in this article from Euractiv.

The real question remains – as ever – whether the European Parliament will have the guts and the political cohesion to stamp its foot on this one. They have with Buttiglione, they have with the Software Patents Directive, but this is a very different matter. Holding out for more cash from the member states would not play well in the current climate – more national politicians would surely brand the EP irresponsible. But no pain, no gain – maybe a fight now is the way to start a debate about an EU tax?

[Updated – 20.12.2005]
Seems that plenty of high level politicians – Barroso included – have had enough of the late night budget wrangles too, and have started to think about the idea of Europe-wide taxation. Have a read of this from EUObserver.

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