High Voltage CableIt’s never pleasant to be without electricity, and especially not if it is as a result of systemic failings or incompetence. This is what seems to have been the cause of yesterday’s blackout in parts of Germany and France – see EUObserver and the BBC for the details.

While not all clouds (or blackouts) have a silver lining, this one most definitely does. E.On – the company responsible for the failings yesterday – has been buying up power firms across the EU for a number of years while competition has not really been achieved in the German market. The EU has been mulling over the issue, and wondering about the correct next step – further unbundling for example. The defence of firms like E.On has been that they have been providing a decent service to customers. Yesterday’s events seem to have eroded this somewhat, so what are Europe’s politicians waiting for? Now, more than ever previously, can they advance the cause of a Europe-wide energy market and Europe-wide energy regulator.

A Fistful of Euros has an excellent post on the story – read it here.

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