Gordon Brown soccer ballNot a good few days to be a British football fan. No, make that Scottish, English or Northern Irish football fan. England’s abject 3-2 defeat by Croatia at Wembley this evening meant that none of the 4 UK ‘nations’ has made it through to the European Championship finals in Summer 2008. But if you take a look at the qualifying tables you see that England, Scotland and Northern Ireland all finished 3rd in their respective groups. So why can’t Brown step up to the challenge on this day of national football crisis and, from this politician who claims “For all of my political life, I have stood up for Britain” speak out in favour of a British football team that would stand a better chance of qualifying? Oh, and maybe call for the resignation of McLaren too while he’s at it.

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  1. British team? With British identity weaker and weaker, relying on empty symbols such as the pound to underpin it? I think the case is pretty weak.

    And not sure whether Giggs and Healy in the English, pardon British, squad would quite make the tric: Israel actually got as many points as you did.

    The right reaction would be to get some respect for others: you are not the best after all. Since 1966.


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