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So it’s almost decision time. Ballot papers for the Deputy Leadership are being sent out and all members should get them by the end of the week. It’s with some mixed feelings that this decision time approaches – the Deputy Leadership election has been the catalyst for some decent debate about the future of the party, although all of the candidates agree on plenty of issues. I very much hope that some momentum can be carried over beyond the election, at the very least in terms of using the internet for political campaigning. Yet every campaign must reach its end game.

I’ve been really privileged to play a role in Harriet Harman‘s campaign right from the start by doing website design for her. Harriet has taken to blogging with gusto, and has proven a determined and essentially very human and humble person to deal with. I hope that some of that positive spirit has been conveyed through the website. There are not too many high level politicians that I have come across that have her positive and inclusive approach on a personal level. How many others would have invested so much trust in, and given such responsibility to, a local constituent?

9 months ago I was happy to be in a new constituency, 6 months ago I was proud to be working as a volunteer for my local MP, 3 months ago the campaign was fully up and running, and now I’m absolutely sure she’s the right person for the job as Deputy Leader. It goes without saying she’ll get my vote.


  1. Well said Jon!

  2. But what about your 2nd preference, dear? I’m sure I heard that nice Mr Cruddas say he would vote for Harriet if he wasn’t standing 😉 xx

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