Little Mermaid ProtestThe BBC has this evening posted this article on its website about a ‘happiness map’ produced by an academic at the University of Leicester. Denmark comes out first, followed by Switzerland. While I have no doubt that for the majority of the populations of Odense or Thur those cities are good places to live in, the people are happy, the life is good.

But what about at the other end? Denmark has had a poor record for relations with its ethnic minorities over the last 5 years or so – levels of literacy of those of Turkish decent living in Copenhagen are dreadful for example. Opponents of Turkish membership of the EU put a headscarf on the Little Mermaid (pictured), and the backlash again the Jyllands-Posten cartoons spread far and wide. See this article – from a Muslim resident in Denmark – for an overview. Switzerland is also notorious for bringing in Gastarbeiter but not granting them rights or citizenship.

Hence I just wonder how much account has been taken of the people resident in these countries, but maybe lacking citizenship there?

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  1. For Denmark, you can see he trilogy Pusher , Phusher II & III (i’ve seen the 3 movies yesterday, 5 hours in total), and it absolutely backs your position. Besides, it’s wonderfull.

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