I have today come across this excellent multi-author blog about demography – Demography Matters. For anyone that is concerned about the ageing populations in Europe, what to do about birth rates, family stuctures etc., this should be a worthwhile read.

After having studied demography with Prof. David Coleman at Oxford a few years ago, I’ve always been fascinated by the subject and hence am very happy to see this new blog has been established. Needless to say, Coleman gave me plenty of food for thought as I did not agree with his opinions on many issues, such as his involvement in Migration Watch. Despite this, his tutorials were a pleasure and he managed to stimulate a strong interest in his subject.


  1. Not reproducing falls mostly on women and the government invasion into peoples personal lives, by this I mean family court, the very one sided divorce courts and government subsidization of bastard children. All this amounts to no accountability for women and makes marriage unworkable and extremely unattractive to young men. Until this is addressed I see no reason why the current trends will change.

  2. Jeff Worth

    Europe’s demographic crises of greater longevity and falling birthrates will not be solved while so many intelligent young men are determined not to reproduce!

    Rather enjoy the blog – helps me keep track of what you’re up to!


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