SieveHell, what a week. First of all, after the masses of work invested to get the Speak Up Europe website online by yesterday morning, the server it’s running on then was not accessible for the entire evening due to a technical fault / crash from the hosting firm – 1&1. At least it wasn’t my fault, but damned annoying (and sod’s law) nevertheless.

As a result of that work, and also masses to do in the office, my mind has been like a sieve all week. I managed to forget to bring smart shoes to the office on Thursday, and as trainers used for cycling were inappropriate, I had to use a colleague’s shoes. Further, I’ve been drinking a very, very large number of cups of coffee – surely not healthy.

Anyway, the weekend is around the corner. If I find a moment between cleaning the flat (a tip at present) and catching up on more web work, I might find some time to write something significant here!

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