MirandaMore excellent news is that a good friend Miranda Grell has managed to win her seat to be a Councillor in Leyton, in the borough of Waltham Forest. I’m not sure how much it contributed to the victory, but I did at least make this website for her campaign. Again, a relentless attention to local issues paid off. Oh, and a stream of government ministers and Cherie Blair coming to visit the ward clearly paid off too! 🙂


  1. Whoopy doooo, another Blairite quisling. Great. Truly useful – might be able to persuade a few black voters next time Tony or Gordon plan to invade a country.

  2. I’m absolutely disgusted by this comment, Joe. Further, I see from the technical analysis of the comment that you posted the answer from Belgium – might be useful if you had seen Miranda out campaigning in Leyton.

    I am immensely proud of the work that Miranda has done in her ward, a place she has lived almost all her life. I think she would be a first class local, national or EU politician. She’s strong willed, immensely committed, and very intelligent and organised. She also not stuck in the past when it comes to communicating.

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