BrainI’m in a state of complete confusion at the moment. I seem to be spending far too many hours each day doing something but not with any plan or with any discernable results. I pottered off to an Italian lesson this morning and had a decent debate about EU enlargement and then tried to stop myself falling asleep. Then I spent all of the rest of the day in meetings, and then this evening sorting computer stuff and not really getting anywhere. Plus I have a bunch of tasks to sort out this weekend, but no plan for how and when to complete them. What the hell is wrong? Why am I so damned confused? I hope I manage to get things in order soon. I think the blog might suffer a bit until normal order and organisation resume.


  1. Alison

    Hah Jon you have always been over active. The reality is that the largest part of most people’s days is spent in doing routine activities which have relatively little impact on anything – except for when they are not done and banks complain, telephones get cut off and your car is repossessed because you didn’t do the administration. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that attaining the status of “grown up” is basically only the realisation that most of real life is mundane and repetitive, punctuated by only infrequent and short bursts of real excitement and activity.

    And let me stress that 99.9% of the people who pass the concours are definitely living like this!

  2. Hm, Jon. I agree with Mary. It’s quite a common feature of anyone’s life…In your case you seem to be over-active actually. There are certainly some key skills you can focus on and make out the best of them…Which means cutting certain things downm, but making sure that you do those you really like more often!

    For what is life without constant activity:)?

  3. I think a lot of normal human beings (i.e. the 99.9% of people who would never pass the Commission concours….) live like this a lot of the time! It’s hardly like you’re not doing anything! I’m sure you’ll get over it in due course but there’s nothing wrong with living on a slightly more day-to-day basis once in a while.

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