Fernsehturm at nightI promise I’ll get back to writing about politics sometime soon, but for the moment the only thing really worth writing about is Berlin. After posting a whole slew of pictures from this morning, I have spent a day doing website work sat on Bernd’s balcony in a very secluded and peaceful hof in Mitte, not too far from S Nordbahnhof.

We then went for a jog for an hour along the Spree in the afternoon sunshine, and then I pottered off to Gendarmenmarkt to meet my school German teacher who happened to be in Berlin this week. I’m very grateful to Herr Kelly and his determination to show GCSE and A-Level pupils how good it could be to speak German. I’ve used those skills so many times, and I would be unable to really feel at ease here now were it not for those hours spent with the Brennpunkt text book and learning what a Meerschweinchen is.

To finish off the day I picked up a fresh falafel at Hackescher Markt on the way home – so much better than the heated up fare you usually get in the UK. Plus you get masses of salad and it costs only €2.50. With the Ferhsehturm in the background, and the still, warm evening after a pleasant summer day, this really is a brilliant place to be. Why can city life not be like this elsewhere?

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