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It’s always good to have played a small part in a victorious political campaign, and so it has proven with the website Chuka4Streatham; that was my limited contribution to Chuka Umunna’s successful bid to be selected as successor to Keith Hill as Labour candidate in Streatham. Details of the vote breakdown can be found at Labourhome. With a Labour majority of over 7000 in Streatham in 2005 Chuka is hence odds on to be a MP sometime in 2009 or 2010 – very welcome as Labour needs more sharp, young and articulate people like him. There might just be some further web developments for future campaigns… 😉

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  1. Our main concern (at the moment) is whether Streatham is really ready for yet another ‘Great Thinker’ ; especially at this particular time.

    What Streatham ultimately needs right now is an ‘Action Man’ who can urgently restore it to it’s Former (Socio-Economic) Glory.

    The other Streatham Candidate (Rahoul Bhansali) may (indeed) not necessarily be as flashy as Chuka Umunna ; but at least Rahoul does seem to be quite satisfied with the notion of comprehensively concentrating on Streatham’s Fundamental Needs – rather than simply using Downtrodden Streathamites as a Formidable Launchpad for Higher Political Office (elsewhere).

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