Capitals screenshot

While researching my previous post about European Capitals of Culture I discovered that was still free to register. So I’ve registered it and created a small page to ask the Commission what they are doing about publicity for this flagship programme, ripping off the Commission’s lousy page design to use for the spoof page.


  1. Henning

    what a howler from the Commission!

  2. The information they provide is so limited anyway, even in English and French! Millions of people visit Capitals of Culture events – so why is there no proper publicity? Bizarre.

  3. Emmanuel

    great initiative, Jon. If you need help for translating it into French, let me know.

    By the way, it is a total disgrace that the official website which is supposed to advertise the European capitals of culture should only be in French and English. How the bloody hell can they claim to support European culture if they don’t even promote Europe’s cultural diversity?

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