David CameronThe initial wave of sickening ‘we love David’ euphoria from the Tories has now died down a bit, and even the main, so far unresolved European issue of his short leadership – whether the Tory MEPs should leave the EPP in the European Parliament – is quiet at the moment. But Cameron today accused the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) as being “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists, mostly” in an interview – see this from the BBC. Quite a statement from the leader of a party that has plenty of those itself! But he is for sure right about UKIP.

Keep it up David – the more the scraps happen on the eurosceptic right, the better Labour might do at the local elections.


  1. Daniela

    Reading the comments left to this entry I can only wonder at how blind people can be…how exactly did the EU force the UK to go to Iraq. Maybe I’m wrong (together with the rest of the informed world) but I was under the impression that the foreign policy pursued in that case was much more similar to that one across the atlantic than the one across the channel…

    And having a document showing your face and name isn’t exactly the end of the world is it? relaxo sir 😉

  2. if this comment on Blair-EU-Iraq is supposed to be a joke, you get points for sarcasm. The notion that the EU lead blair to follow the US in iraq portraits excellent sense of humour!

  3. jack took the family cow to market and sold it for some worthless magic beans. tony took the british taxpayers milllions to brussells and sold it for some empty french promises. nuff said.

  4. Hmmm. While I would not like a party system like the USA, I think Tony is far from being someone who grovels to Brussels! And I do think UKIP are utterly mad. I won’t write more here – it’s surely clear from the rest of this blog what my views on Europe and politics in general are!

  5. yes, keep it up cameron , make the tories grovel to brussels exactly the way slimey tony and his party of quislings do, every bit helps when you, blair and the lib dems are united (scary eh?)in depriving the british people of any choice whatsoever in europe,…..iraq, id cards etc etc,……this country has as much political variety as U S A . how unhealthy does it get. as long as you can squeal “racist” at anyone with the temerity to expose your lies and corruption. who said east germany was gone.

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