NOTE: Speech has now been postponed. Will not be 18th January. New date tbc. All entries below remain valid for take 2 of the speech.

liqcoinsSo Twitter (#TheSpeech) and the newspapers are full of analysis and gossip about David Cameron’s big EU speech, now to be given on Friday 18th January in Amsterdam (as far as anyone is aware – follow the Storify for the latest news). The speech is due to start at 9am GMT, 10am CET.

Anyway, to have a bit of fun at Cameron’s expense, we will play Bullshit Bingo during the speech (it’s based on Barroso Bullshit Bingo, only with less alliteration).

Importantly, at my own expense and to give this a strong competitive element, there will be a prize. I happen to be in Netherlands just now (the speech is to be delivered in Amsterdam), and as the speech is going to leave a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth, the prize will be a selection of the most bitter, salty Dutch liquorice that I can find. I might even be able to get some liquorice Euros, as shown… I’ll post the prize to the winner.

Here’s how it works.

1) Think of the 10 phrases you think David Cameron will say in the speech. Politicians’ names, and political institutions are not allowed.
2) Tweet your list or, better still, post your list as a comment on this blog entry – before the speech starts.
3) Listen out for the phrases as Cameron says them.
4) I’ll then total up the scores, and we will have a winner!

Veel succes!


  1. It does not matter if the UK is in or out of the EU, as it is the economic strategy and policy fundamentals that are all wrong in Britain today. We simply have not moved on in our fundamental thinking and therefore it is totally out on sync with the economics of the 21st century.

    Therefore whatever David Cameron says it will not make any difference to Britain’s long-term socio-economic future. In this respect we have got to make it happen ourselves and not rely on the EU with all their perpetual problem that simply will not go away. For there are far greater problems for the UK that lie on the horizon and until politicians realise that their advisers –regulators – political and economic advisers et al (and who have consistently got it so terribly wrong over the last half century as history has clearly shown), are the fundamental reason for our continual dire economic circumstances, Britain will never really get out of its problems. What is needed is a fully inclusive system of involvement with its people and where then their creative ideas can enter the system to provide a sustainable future. Nothing else will provide this dynamic possibility. For presently in this respect with the elitist mentality and only the few have the answers (history shows clearly that this is not the case again) there is little hope. Therefore the UK has to change to an integrated system where a pluralist society exists, where all can contribute and where presently no more than 3% of the population are creatively involved with nation building. In this respect history has shown that around 75% of all the major inventions that have created the modern world came from people outside the confines of mainstream R&D, not leading-edge research establishments et al. Cameron et al have to start taking notice of these facts for the UK’s future, as we need the great independent world-changing ideas first. Something we have not got and where we always have the cart before the horse – every time it has to be said.

    For if we do not change Britain can only look forward to continual decline – Unfortunately this is a true assessment and where projections state that things will be much worse than this if we do not change our present ways of thinking.

    Therefore things just have to change if the UK is to capture any future economic dynamism and that change process starts with our political mindsets which are transfixed by the current non-innovative governmental advisers. Logic states that only Independent advisers, free from vested-interests, can provide this and where government has to start to take far greater notice of this vital neglected resource which is pre-eminently needed for the nation’s future if we are to have one.

    Dr David Hill
    Chief Executive
    World Innovation Foundation
    Huddersfield, UK – Bern, Switzerland – Arlington, USA

  2. Brian Robson

    1. We must look outward, not inward
    2. Together in the national interest
    3. A family of nations
    4. Something about the single market being a British acheivement
    5. I take no pleasure in the woes of the Eurozone
    6. Willing and active cooperation between independent sovereign states
    7. Our thoughts are with the families of those in Algeria (but now let me get on with placating my backbenchers)
    8. Mark Rutte, who i was pleased to campaign for in your recent election
    9. Europe playing its part in the wider world
    10. Do less, but do it better

  3. chris welch

    1.I love europe
    2.I love Britain
    3.I love marmite
    4.I want to see a europe free of germans
    5.I want to see a europe free of italians
    6.I want to see a europe free of spaniards
    7.I want to see a europe free of all the other foriegners
    8.We will fight them on the beaches
    9.The rule of the law not the rule of the mob
    10.Does my bum look big in this

  4. Ian Young

    1. Agenda for growth
    2. In Britain’s interest
    3. China, Brazil or India
    4. Red tape and/or bureaucracy
    5. Realistic
    6. Britain’s borders
    7. In Europe but not run by it
    8. The Working time Directive
    9. Global Challenge
    10. Threatening the City’s prosperity

  5. 1) It is important always to remember the great benefit of peace and stability that the European project has brought
    2) I am delighted to be speaking the day after the 50th anniversary of Elysee
    3) Literary allusion to great European writers, probably Goethe, Cervantes, Dante and Flaubert
    4) Leaders in the Eurozone must take decisive steps
    5) We must all strive for a modern Europe based on modern principles of open and fair competion
    6) But we must also face up to the fact that we are in a global race, especially with Asia but also Brazil etc.
    7) Byzantine complexities of the European institutions
    8) When we demand sacrifice at national level to pay down our debts, we must also do so at European level
    9) Freedom of movement has brought great benefits, but we must also recognise the social pressures it has brought upon our communties, especially in Britain.
    10) Rotterdam’s a brilliant place, reflective of all that is good and dynamic about European free trade

  6. david ringrose

    1. I was not elected to be a Nightwatchman
    2. David Wiletts tells me cannabis is legal here
    3. I love Ajax
    4. The Golden Age
    5. Spice Islands vs. Spice Girls
    6. Double-Dutch
    7. Bicycles
    8. Ruud Gullit / European England / Premier League
    9. The tulip bubble vs. South-Sea bubble
    10. Mijn vice-premier praat ook nederlands

  7. 1. The British public feels/is excluded from the debate
    2. That makes sense for Britain
    3. British national interest
    4. rebalancing of powers/competences
    5. fresh mandate/consent
    6. Flexible arrangements
    7. Britain’s role in the world/on the global stage
    8. our partners
    9. Stability of euro/eurozone
    10. Closer cooperation in eurozone

    If I win, I’d like to donate the prize to UKIP please.

  8. … renegotiating the terms of membership
    … referendum
    … not blackmailing
    … people must be involved in a proper debate
    … perfectly entitled to demand that the EU changes
    … repatriation of regional funding
    The UK pays a large bill…
    … bossy Eurocrats
    … Working time directive
    … our relationship with Europe

  9. Hilary Hudson

    1) Better off in the EU
    2) Giving voters a chance
    3) Deliver new terms
    4) We will see
    5) I’m in favour of
    6) The challenge is
    7) What is good for Britain
    8) It is time…
    9) We have come a long way
    10) It is time to decide


  10. Nick Crosby

    1. Fresh consent
    2. Repatriation (of powers…etc.)
    3. National interest
    4. A review of competencies
    5. trading nation
    6. bossed (bullied) by Brussels
    7. Renegotiation of our relationship
    8. I am not prepared….
    9. Rebalancing
    10. A great nation

  11. 1. in/out referendum
    2. governed by fax
    3. proper choice
    4. false choice
    5. a trading nation
    6. our relationship with Europe
    7. as long as I’m Prime Minister
    8. fresh consent
    9. not in our interests
    10. powers should flow

  12. I see your cunning plan. Nobody will subject themsleves to the torture of listening to the entire speech so nobody will claim. Genius!

  13. @Simon – trust me, I *hate* salty liquorice. Really. I’m buying stroopwafels here in NL – and those are not being given away as a prize.

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