I’ve just been past Schuman roundabout, still blocked off by masses of police, loads of barbed wire barriers, and hundreds of police. They have been looking after 300 disgruntled French fishermen protesting about the price of fuel for their boats. In typical Brussels style there were 4 water cannon trucks there – to deal with a small band of annoyed men. I’m also not sure what they were blocking off, or what they were trying to defend. Still, Schuman without traffic is quite pleasant. It was also a bit of a feeble effort by the fishermen – the dockers do it better.

And from the ridiculous to, well, the ridiculous: an EUTube video about the EU’s research case (via Public Affairs 2.0) – it’s really quite surreal and amusing.

[UPDATE] Here’s a video from the BBC – lots of good footage of the water cannon trucks!

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