Brussels flagsI’ve just spent the last 2 days in Brussels for work and I’m left asking myself this question: why did I ever leave? First of all I know so many people there – I keep on bumping into people I know in the street. That never happens in London. Yesterday I even managed to use 4 different languages in one day. The bars and cafés are pleasant, and the place does not cost a fortune in the way London does. In some strange way it just seems to be right, it just feels like the place I should be. OK, I’ve spent a decent 3 years in London – there have been many good aspects to life. But I don’t get that buzz from it somehow.

UPDATE – translation into Flemish provided here.


  1. I entirely recognise the feeling. But Brussels is Brussels and will remain there. So sooner or later you will gravite there. That is how I’ve been thinking and…welll I ‘ve stayed away from it so far and only come by for work vistis-perfect so far..

  2. thinking lately i can’t stay here forever…every time i leave brussels for a weekend i love the fact i have escaped the pedestrian life…but i wouldn’t trade places with you for london

  3. Emmanuel Vallens

    plenty of EU competitions ahead. Never mind the stupid MCQs, enter the fray, and go for it!

  4. Hmmm. I think there are things in Brussels I would rather do than work for the Commission! Would be a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire I reckon.

  5. Yes, I often find myself thinking the same.

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