Bread LoavesRed tape, regulation, burdens on British business. The number of times we hear that in the British press when complaints are made about Brussels. I was hence dumbstruck today when the tables have been turned and the reaction is still negative. See this from the Birmingham Post for example, and a very poor article from the BBC here.

The EU currently has rules for packaging sizes for different products – among others alcoholic drinks, coffee and bread. The proposal is to do away with these restrictions and allow manufacturers to produce bread and other goods in whatever size packages they wish. Let the consumer decide.

16 MPs in Westminster do not like this as they fear it will end the British tradition of baking bread in certain sizes. What a load of rubbish! If the consumers want a traditonal loaf, I’m sure the market will be able to provide that. If people want smaller or larger loaves, then those will be available too.

We really cannot have our bread and eat it – complain about over-regulation all the time, and then also grumble further when the EU de-regulates!


  1. Ross Parker

    Hello… a name I remember from my Civil Service days – how are you? I found this post from the uncomplimentary rant at Devil’s Kitchen, but am glad I did. Hope all is well.

  2. Absolutely ridiculous as usual.

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