LinkI’ve tried to clear up the blogroll in the right column of the blog – in the main because most of the people in the ‘Blogroll – Friends’ list have not posted anything but a couple of entries for months and months. What happened? I’ll keep an eye on the RSS feeds for all the blogs I’ve removed, so if any of them get active again I’ll re-add them. I’ve also taken the opportunity to add a few links to the ‘Blogroll – EU Politics’ list. If you reckon your blog should be included in any of these lists then tell me in the comments.


  1. I agree with Marko. The frequency is linked to the issues in question.

    In example my blog is triggered on a monthly basis by short postings.

    I do not think that people always appreciate the fasteness by which news are sometimes presented in some blogs. I know that in your very interesting blog different entries have different stickyness levels (i.e. I normally only read the “So I won’t be a Commission official” entry)

  2. Ah, I knew there had to be something else from you! Those 2 are in my RSS feeds, and the one is in the Blogroll.

  3. Hey Jon,
    I feel rejected 😉
    Actually, my new blog is ( I also have the Oxford one Blog of change is stopped because many things overlap with latter.
    Hope you accept me again 😀

  4. My frequency isn’t that great either (nor is my content). But I try my best. But if you want to put new links into your blog roll anyway, you might consider linking to my blog.

  5. It’s not the frequency that counts alone:)

    (posted this earlier by mistake under a different entry)

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