SAP LogoSometimes strange things happen in party politics. This coming weekend will be one of those odd occasions. I am going to be one of the official bloggers at the party congress of the Socialdemokraterna (SAP) in Sweden. Why me? OK, I know plenty of people in the SAP (Helena, Maryam, Eric, Johanna), but I don’t speak anything more than basic Swedish.

So what will I be doing? For a start I will try to interview as many social democrats as I can, and put these small video interviews here. All the interviews will be in English and I’ll try to look at issues relevant to European social democrats – matters such as the representation of women in politics, the use of the internet in party politics. Then I’ll also try to draw in some dynamics about the UK Labour Party and its comparisons with the Swedish Social Democrats. Can the Göran Persson experience tell us anything about what Labour should do in its leadership contest?

If you have any other suggestions, please do add them in the comments.


  1. Tim! You sound surprised!?! I’ve been doing odds and ends with the Social Democrats in Sweden for ages.

  2. Tim (Jeffer)

    The SAP Congress? Well… we all choose our own places to hang around when we get back to Sweden… =)

  3. Great stuff! Look forward to reading it. xx

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