Grey SkyAfter a quick cup of coffee to warm myself up, I headed back out of the plush surroundings of Claridge’s hotel and cycled back across London under the heavy autumn skies. I’m back in reality now.

I have a few very complex questions flying around in my head: why was I at the Edelman / Technorati blogging event? (see live post here) Secondly, what am I doing with my blog, and indeed what am I doing with my time? This blog is a hobby, a place to express what I think. But if these people can rent 3 rooms in a super-swanky hotel to talk about blogging, is there a chance for me to make myself a career in this business somehow? Only with higher ethical standards. I’m convinced there’s more to be done in UK political blogging, but where and how?

There’s plenty to reflect on in light of the event, most notably the importance of blogging in the French political establishment, and the issues around whether firms are happy getting to grips with being open and frank to the outside world. There will be some more analysis on this later today, but for the moment I am a bit bewildered, so I’ll stop here for the moment. For the moment, have a look at SixtySecondView, Steve Rubel and Edelman Dispatch Blog. Jackie Danicki has a comprehensive round-up here, and Suw Charman has a short entry on the event here. FT has an article on the Edelman / Technorati report here. However it does not seem like the event has generated a storm of interest as yet, at least if you search Technorati for Edelman.

[Update] There’s an excellent round-up here now in Italian.

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