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Once in a while something super-positive happens with this blog, and today seems to be such a day. The journalist Mats Engström on the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet has set up a Europablogg to discuss various issues of EU politics. He currently has 6 links there – to Margot Wallström, Carl Bildt and Mr. ‘I hate the Nordic Social Model’ Johnny Munkhammar. Then there are 3 more – Eric Sundström (a blog to which I often refer here), Oscar WÃ¥glund Söderström (a Swedish liberal I know from Brussels) and a link to this very blog. Now, quite how I rank alongside those others is a little strange, but I may as well enjoy it while it lasts!

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  1. Mats Engström

    Well, it´s simply because your blog is one of the best .

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