Blog for a CauseThanks to Erkan I’ve come across this excellent guide about how to blog for a cause. As well as the original blog post there’s also a handy PDF to download. The guide is written from the perspective of a campaign against an injustice (human rights, imprisonment etc.) but the suggestions listed can be used for almost any sort of political campaign – including a low cost effort to help support a candidate in their bid for election somewhere. It’s well worth a read – it’s short and snappy and covers the technical aspects too. I’m also reassured to see that I’ve already followed most of the rules in a small online campaign I’m presently cooking up – more on that soon… 🙂

UPDATE – 18.02.2008, 16:00
Turns out that the Centre for Policy Studies has today launched a report entitled ‘Politics, policy and the Internet‘ – it’s available for download from the link at the bottom of this page. While I’m somewhat loathe to link to a page of an organisation started by Margaret Thatcher I think the gist of the report is about right, and there’s a good summary in The Telegraph here.

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