LightningI know it’s a very British thing to do, but I am going to write about the weather. Admittedly I have only been living in London about 2 years, but I have lived in Britain for most of my life, and I cannot remember any weather as strange as over the past week or so. We’ve had days and days of 30 degrees temperatures but with high humidity (around 70%), with a few thunderstorms also thrown in. We’re also on course to have the hottest July ever recorded in the UK.

There was little rain in Clapham yesterday but thunder and lightning were close. It was however pouring north of London according to this article. As I currently look out of my office window the sky looks similar to that on a November morning – grey and misty – but the humidity remains very high.

Further confusion comes as a result of the BBC. Breakfast TV weather said it would be sunny, but presently it’s cloudy, and BBC Weather’s 24 hour online overview can’t seem to make its mind up.

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